What Is It about Hermes Bags That Make Them So Compelling?

Die-hard fashionistas are all familiar with the name Hermes. It doesn’t just refer to the God of Transitions and Boundaries in Greek Mythology (his Roman counterpart being Mercury). It also refers to the brand name of one of the best and most expensive handbags ever made. Never mind Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Marc Jacobs. The truly elite of the elite avail of the truly elite of the elite handbags that cost at least the value of a used car, half a year of rent, or something similarly mind-blowing to the middle class. It’s such a renowned bag brand because the company making it has been around since 1837. It didn’t go under and continued to thrive because it continues to cater to the rich and famous with bag quality that is out of this world.

Name Brand versus Quality

* The thing that separates a Hermes bag from other famous handbag brands that you can see crafted with loads of bootleg knockoffs is that a Hermes bag is so well-made, it’s hard to replicate even with the skillful bootleggers of China. This handbag brand was released during the mid-20th Century even though its French manufacturer has been around in 1837. The glamorous bag also serves as a status symbol of success, wealth, and style.

* For men, the equivalent of a Hermes handbag would be a topnotch sports car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari. This is because this fashionista handbag icon only uses the best materials and has many indicators of it being the genuine article, from the stitching to the logo. It’s a lot like money in the way that it’s hard to counterfeit by those who’ve ever owned a Hermes bag. There are even buyer restrictions in Paris for this bag.

* Did you know that in Paris, France, a person can only buy two bags every year no matter how rich you are or even if your name is Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Warren Buffet? At BirkinHermesPrezzo.com, you can buy a Kelly or Birkin (both made by Hermes) then get a free choice bag. It’s a buy one, take one kind of discount, which is to be expected of online bargains.