Best 80s Fashion Statements for Men

In the history of fashion, the 80s really made a mark. During this decade, gents completely clung to bright colors and bold designs just like their female counterparts. Amazingly, the 80s style fashion are coming back to the fashion scene in style.

There are tons of ideas for guys and men who want to go back to the 80s with their fashion statement. From chunky sneakers to bum bags, windbreakers and dad jeans, you will really stand out from the pack.

Adopt the following tips to flaunt 80s fashion for men in the 21st century;

Hip Hop Fashion

Hip-hop was popular back in the days, influenced and inspired by rappers and music icons such as Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C, and N.W.A. The fashion styles worn by these music icons were characterized by over-sized silhouettes.

Baggy clothes weren’t all that hip-hop fashion was all about for men back in the days. Men and guys in the 80s also wore sportswear items, including athletic caps, sneakers and similar statement accessories – e.g. bulky gold chains.

Preppy Fashion

Also, preppy fashion was the in-thing in the 80s. This 80s style fashion trend was largely characterized by preppy outfits in bright shades, including yellow, pink and blue shades. To achieve a really preppy look, you should feature polo shirts and slacks in your dressing, including a sweater worn around the shoulders.

Punk Fashion

Also, choosing to go for a punk look is another great way to make 80s fashion statement. Unlike the glam style of the 80s rock, punk appearance in the 80s was deliberately edgier. The trend wasn’t just lots of leather, it also expressed increased hardware as well as attractive hairstyles. Brightly colored spikes and Mohawks were also popular for men back in the days.

So, get into action and start experimenting with these popular 80s fashion for men.