Right from the moment Madonna stepped onto the world scene, she has been a mover and shaker in the music and fashion industry. With her big appearance first coming in the 80s, her popularity has since then inflated like a giant balloon. Having pushed boundaries unlike any other celebrity icon of her time, it is safe to say she is still around – this alone is a demonstration of her impact and universality in the pop culture of the 1980s. Madonna appeared on every big screen, her music videos and songs were played in almost every home and car at the time. This clearly makes her an ideal inspiration for your 80s hangout party or Halloween costume.

During the 80s, Madonna had many looks. She so seamlessly altered her looks and style that she was attributed to a chameleon. This surely influenced the longevity of her career. Her wavy hair look in the 80s turned out to be one of her most iconic looks, having a bunch of girls going to the salons to get the wavy perms done. Just like Madonna did in her Borderline video and movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”, they pulled the hair in bows, rocking it with a black tank top, skirt, with their hair bleached blonde – and an attitude.

The messy chic look of the 80s could easily be attributed to Madonna as one of the trailblazers. Her layered look had her rock some shirts and coats. Often, she wore a lace shirt over another shirt. Other times, she would wear a sweatshirt with an oversized neck or cut off sleeves over a smaller shirt or bra.

Madonna was one to never do without the accessories. Multiple necklaces, bracelets, cross necklaces, and some other emblem – not forgetting her long and dangly earrings, with cross or religious symbols. The superstar made the wearing of religious iconography cool.

Another of her fashion manifestation came towards the end of the 1980s when she released her album “Like a Prayer”. She appeared as a super sexy vixen, wearing bustiers, bras, and next to nothing in most of her videos. Steady keeping fit, Madonna easily showed off her gorgeous body. Leggings, heavy eye makeup, wavy, wild hair, ankle boots, lace, fingerless gloves – all these made up her costume.

For her everyday clothing in the 80s, she often wore a skirt over tight, or short pants which were either patterned or lacy. Whatever she wore, the girls made sure to copy.

No doubt the fashion industry was completely influenced by her impact.