A Few Ideas To Make Your Christmas Party Special

After a year of continuous hard work and deadlines, an office Christmas or end year party is usually one of the best times for you and your staff to look back, appreciate, relax and enjoy. To avoid hosting another typical white wine with cheesy Christmas songs, planning for this significant event early is paramount. Involve the staff to get more insight, get creative and consider some of the ideas mentioned in this read to make the party even more special.

Picking the Theme

When it comes to selecting a party theme, you are free to be as creative as you like. Christmas parties inspired by the popular show Peaky Blinders are trending nowadays as organizations in the UK get to turn back the clock to the 1920’s. Alternatively, you could pick a wintrier them such as Narnia or Apres Ski and change the event space into a cosy, snow-covered forest or a fawn-filled lodge.  Let your employees have a chance to dress up and be creative.  Christmas is a time of year for getting out those outfits and then wearing your plus size white corsets which can be worn under clothing, to hold you in, especially at this indulgent time of year.

Host a Christmas Festival

Mini break bookings to Christmas market tend to skyrocket between November and December as people jump into lastminute.com and Secret Escapes looking for affordable getaways. However, not every member of the staff will be able to travel to Germany for a cup of Gluhwein, so why not consider bringing the markets to them? Rather than the typical buffet or three-course meal, you can host a traditional Christmas festival at the workplace or an alternative venue close by.

Gamify the Party

Now that smartphones and tablets are here to stay, it makes sense for you to take advantage of these devices for the Christmas party. Other than creating enjoyable competitions on social media as well as getting your hashtag to trend, you can utilise gamification to implement team building or any other level of interaction to your party. With a simple application, your staff will be able to participate in anything from interactive quizzes and trivia to Christmas-themed treasure hunts on dedicated devices.

Choose a Distinct Venue

At times, an excellent stage is what makes the party more enjoyable. As such, you will want to choose your venue carefully. If you wish to put a twist to your party, pick a quirky or unique spot that will match the values of your organization. Excellent options include The Monastery in Manchester, Natural History Museum in London or the Royal Yacht Britannia located in Edinburgh. If you are working with a tight budget, there are numerous out of the ordinary venues around every city in the United Kingdom. Just work out how much you want to spend, the venue and begin searching.

Reward Your Employees

A Christmas party ought to be more than a night full of office flirting. After a long year of grinding, make a great gesture by rewarding your employees for all their efforts and ensure they are recognised in the presence of their peers. If you did not hold official awards during the year, this party presents an excellent opportunity to hold that ceremony. Whether you pick an Oscars style event, or something low key, appreciating the efforts of everyone in the office will certainly get them into a festive mood.

Extend the Fun

Normally, Christmas office parties are held in the evening, but who said you have to stick to the norm? If you wish to extend the fun, but don’t want to go overboard with liquor too early, then you can consider booking an afternoon activity before the big event. December is without a doubt one of the busiest months for events and shows, meaning there are numerous pantomimes and musicals to pick from. It can be a bit challenging to choose one activity, so consider offering a selection for the staff to choose from. If you include things like a day spa and driving experiences, there will certainly be something for everyone.