This is a Tool that You Must Carry when Traveling During the Rainy Season

The rainy season does not dampen the enthusiasm for climbing mountains. But you should pay attention to the Toiletry Bag, clothes, money before you leaving.

Climbing in the rainy season is heavier than the dry season. Here are tips and tricks

1. Store luggage in airtight plastic

As a precautionary measure all the luggage is wet due to rain, it is better to store luggage in plastic. Choose airtight plastic so that the water does not get wet at all. Prioritize storing gadgets and plastic underwear and try to separate.

2. Wear warm clothes and dry quickly

When the rainy season, the wind usually blows quite hard. In order to avoid colds that can result in the body not being fit, you should use warm clothing before climbing. The important thing is that the traveler must prepare the equipment needed to face the rainy season, so that the holiday is more comfortable.

this is the equipment that should be prepared if you want to travel during the rainy season:

  • Umbrella

Speaking of the rainy season, of course the umbrella must be brought. Look for umbrellas that are lightweight and easily folded, so they are easy to carry everywhere. After use and the umbrella starts to dry, try folding immediately, put it back in the wrapper if there is one, then place it in a bag. So reducing the possibility of a missed umbrella.

  • Raincoat

Raincoats can be brought from home or buy sata arrived at the destination city. No need for thick and space-consuming, thin raincoats are enough to protect when it rains.

This thin raincoat does not take place in the bag and is light. But because it’s easier to tear, prepare more than one. This reserve raincoat can be placed first at the inn and taken if it is felt necessary.

  • Flip-flops

Important flip-flops are brought in for preparation if wet shoes are raining. The footwear is right for carrying because it is economical and concise. If you travel on a motorcycle when it rains and passes through a puddle of water, just keep the shoes and replace flip flops first.

  • Plastic bag or Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag are very useful for a traveler who is vacationing in the rainy season. Flip-flops, umbrellas to wet raincoats can be put in plastic bags to make them easier to carry. Gadgets can also be placed in plastic just in case the traveler’s bag gets wet.

  • Small towel

Besides tissue, bring a small towel to wipe the wet body. No need for big ones, even small towels wiped out not too much rain. Always prepare these towels in a traveling bag huh!

  • Change clothes

Traveling with damp or wet clothes certainly makes it less comfortable. It’s better to have a change of clothes before you start traveling. If it suddenly gets rained until the clothes are wet, you can immediately change clothes after arriving at the destination tourist destination.

3. Bring adequate food supplies

When the rain arrives, the stomach will feel hungry more often. Bring enough food for climbing. Do not let you starve in the middle of the forest and in rainy conditions.

4. Prepare a raincoat

If there are already signs of rain going down, immediately wear a coat. The point is of course to protect the body directly from the heavy rain. Tips, bring a plastic raincoat to make it compact in flapping back and lightly carrying it

5. Wear lightweight shoes and dry quickly

Boots are indeed the best footwear to wear when the rainy season arrives. But when climbing, a traveler is expected to use shoes that can quickly dry even though wet from the rain.

6. Check Weather

Smartphones are now able to track weather forecast information for the next few days in a region. Therefore, the traveler must update the info before climbing, and make sure it is safe for climbing even if it’s raining.

Most regions of the world enter the rainy season. Not only that, the rainy season also impacts on the mountain with strong winds, heavy rain accompanied by lightning or lightning.

It is a tradition of climbers, spending a new year on a mountain. If you are one of them you must be aware of the above!