Colour has an impact on many things we do, which is why it’s important that the right shade of makeup is chosen to create the best impression. Selecting the right tone and colour of eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick will help to show off your individual personality as well as compliment your chosen Prom Dresses. You can find a selection of these dresses at stockists such as and can then find a colour to suit your skin tone and personality as well as planning how to use your makeup to enhance your look for the special event.

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Skin’s Natural Undertone

Golden or pink undertones are the two general colours found and while they don’t reflect the actual colour of the skin, they are visible beneath it. Someone with pale skin might not necessarily have pink undertones, while someone with olive skin may have.

Getting to grips with this colour will help to determine what makeup colour you should choose. For example, those with pink undertones and darker eye and hair colours would be classed as ‘winter’, while ‘summer’ women tend to have blonder hair and a lighter eye colour.

Those with golden undertones can fall into the spring or autumn categories. A ‘spring’ woman would usually have a lighter golden touch along with paler eye colours and red or blonde hair. An ‘autumn’ woman would have darker coloured eyes, rich brown or red hair and a deeper golden undertone to their skin.

Selecting Makeup Colours

Winter women can be bold with their colour choices, opting for things like deep plum, vibrant red or bright pink for their lipstick. Their darker eyes accommodate heavier colours too, such as purple, navy and charcoal eyeshadows. Black eyeliner is also a must-have.

Summer women often need to be more considerate in their choice due to their paler complexions. In order to stand out, they need to keep things understated while enhancing their features with the right colours. These include soft greens, pale greys and light browns for eyeshadows and natural colours for their lipsticks.

Spring women should follow the colours of their season, opting for soft browns, greens, rosy pinks and bright blues for their eyes, enhanced by dark brown or black liner. Peaches, corals and pinks are ideal for their lipstick choice.

Autumn women should select earthy tones like dark pinks, peaches, lush greens and charcoal, all enhanced with a dark brown eyeliner. Browns, pinks, oranges and corals with a yellow base make for the perfect lipstick match.